About Jamie


Jamie Presselbank has been photographing houses for the last 8 years.

His work for leading architects, designers as well as smaller businesses has given him a career that he never expected, or even asked for.

merchantshousemuseumGraduating from the University of York in 2005 with a degree in History, Jamie had planned on entering the field of academia. Spending the last year of his degree deep in research of Henry VIII’s life and times, Jamie wanted to take a year out of hitting the books.

During his second year in York he had joined a Photography Society. Finding moderate successes in Amateur competitions, Jamie listed his services as an events photographer hoping to earn a bit of cash to travel with.

Slowly but surely, work started to trickle in and word of mouth was spread. Praised for captur
ing private moments that would otherwise be lost to time, Jamie’s business began to snowball until he was being booked for 7 events in as many days.

After spending an exhausting two years shooting weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries – Jamie was booked to shoot an old Victorian house in a state of disrepair before its renovation by the National Trust.

The mood and atmosphere that he captured in his still life photographs eclipsed any work that he had done previously with live subjects. After taking his prints to the dark room for the first time, Jamie realised that he had a talent for shooting houses.

nyc_drink_23-largeThe selection of shots taken from the old Victorian place went on to garner him several awards and led to his new career as a full-time professional house photographer.

Whether its a new build, an abandoned warehouse due for demolition or just a simple caravan – Jamie has a knack for capturing the essence of a house and amplifying that into a powerful emotion.